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OAAT’S Owned Pet Spay Program “OOPS”

Most unplanned litters are born because pet owners don’t realize that “babies” can have babies of their own. Female dogs can breed as early as six months and cats as early as four months. Female dogs can breed twice a year with litters of 6-10 puppies and female cats can breed three – four times a with an average of 4 kittens per litter. That’s a lot of unplanned babies!

If you are expecting an “oops” litter, One At A Time Rescue (OAAT) is here to help. OAAT is
offering the ‘OAAT’S Owned Pet Spay Program’ (OOPS)! We will bring your pregnant cat or dog into care and provide a safe, loving environment for mom to deliver and raise her babies. Once babies are weaned, OAAT will find each of them good homes through our comprehensive adoption program.

Meanwhile, Mom will be spayed and returned to her family to live a baby free life. OAAT will also help if you already have an “oops” litter. OAAT is offering to take the mom and babies (up to 12 weeks of age) into care, spay mom immediately (if babies are over 8 weeks) and return to her family. OAAT will find each baby a good home through our comprehensive adoption program.

If you are seeking assistance from the “OAAT’S Owned Pet Spay Program”(OOPS), please
complete the application form.

Space for the OOPS Program will be limited and directly impacted by foster availability.
One At A Time Rescue reserves the right to refuse any application.

Criteria for Approval of OAAT’s Owned Pet Spay Program (OOPS)

-entire litter must be surrendered
-mom is to be returned
-authorize OAAT to provide your pet with any short term medical needs such as treatment for ear mites and other parasites, diarrhea, vomiting, infection.
-agree that OAAT will be responsible for any medical concerns which will adversely impact the pregnancy or delivery of babies such as a caesarian section.
-agree that OAAT is not responsible for any long term medical conditions which may arise or be revealed during your pet’s stay
-authorize OAAT to spay your pet
-agree that OAAT is not responsible for any post op infection or medical concerns arising post op. If medical care is required after the surgery, it is at owner’s expense

Please fill out the online application below OR download the PDF version to print and fill out, if you meet criteria above, and you will be contacted.

Click Here for the Online Application

The First OOPS Momma “Honor” and her litter.

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